Sunday, 13 October 2013

Ways to gain height

There are loads of apparent ways to gain height.. But most of them are quite time consuming and i just dont have the darn time to do them... and the others i found are just really stupid like taking human growth hormone.. as if that is going to help.. more likely kill me. Anyway I found a really great and fast way to grow taller.. that is not exercise or taking those nasty pills... the simple and easy way to get taller is.. by wearing shoe lifts. Really it is honestly that simple and quick. so far i have been wearing them myself for a couple weeks.. much more taller now and my friends are non the wiser haha fools.. little do they know that my shoe lifts have given me 3 inches more height.. yes you heard correctly 3 whole inches! Well I just wanted to let you all know this little secret! Im lazy and couldn't be bothered with all the other grow taller ways people were listing on the internet.. Thankfully i found this really easy option!  even gave my friend a pair of shoe lifts a while ago.. he wasn't best pleased with me giving him a pair of the height increasing insoles at first but he eventually got won around. Hes written his little review on shoe lifts and growing taller if you want to read it here. Want some advise on growing taller.. simply post a comment below and id be happy to answer any questions you might have.. I do know my stuff and if i dont know ill do some research for you!